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Step 1: It all starts with a Gab Session

We will schedule a meeting with you online or over coffee, where we would love to hear all that you want to tell the world about your company. We will ask you a set of very basic questions to understand your brand and the value our explainer video can add to you brand development.  We will also explain to you the steps involved in the journey to creating that Kickass video and the inputs we would love to have from you at every step. We will talk at length about your taste and the type of animation you prefer or one that suits your Brand best.

Step 2: Your explainer video script.

Once you've told us all that you want to, and we've listened to all that you have to say, we will get back to you with a draft script for the animation video in no longer than 3 days. Incase you had a script or an idea in mind, we would have taken that onboard in the gab session, so when we get back to you with the draft there should be need only for a little revision. However if needed, we will listen to your revisions and suggestions and include them in the final script and revert on email as quickly as possible. As a request, in order to keep up with our deadlines it would be fantastic, if you are super quick with suggestions and revisions at this stage so that we can finalise & dive straight to the production stage. 

Step 3: The Storyboard

This is where fun begins. Based on the agreed script, we will prepare a visual break down for your animated video. This is to give you an idea of what will be happening on the screen when that awesome script comes to life. With the visual break down we will prepare something like a doodle-board (handy quick sketches) that will help you understand how that video is going to deliver your message. We will send it to you for a good hard look and you can give upto 2 revisions at this stage. Once the doodles are signed off, we will send you the finalised storyboard, which will have detailed sketches of the graphics your explainer video is going to have. However, you must know that this is the most important step in the entire process of production, because once the storyboard is set, you can't really change the overall story and its scenes. 

We will make you listen to some really good voice talents and have you do the selection of the artist and the tone of the audio. Once the selection is made we will have the script recorded and send over for you to listen. In case something hasn't gone right, we can get you one free revision. We have got access to VO talents from across the world so your audio can virtually be recorded in any language, dialect or accent. While we're sure you're gonna love what we send you to listen while making the choice, you must know that any specific needs, styles etc can all be catered to if you so desire.

Step 4: Voice over

Step 5: Graphics and Animation

This is where it all comes to life. The sketches from the storyboard turn into CGIs and are stringed together into live animation. Everything you saw still on the graphics is put into motion in an animation software and the whole movie is rendered into a universal video format in sync with the recorded voice over. Once the whole video has been rendered, it is checked for any jerks or glitches and fine tuned where necessary. On the final video a sound Engineer works to add some brilliant effects which further improved the overall quality of the product. 2 revision related to the animation are allowed at this stage.