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3D Animation

3D Modelling, Texturing & Lighting

We create high-quality CGI animated videos, and the first step is usually developing the various 3D elements and objects in detail. It includes modelling the 3d shapes and texturing and lighting them taking into account how those materials behave in real life with real light conditions. It is a complex process but we make sure our 3d models are as close to real life as possible and exactly how the particular project demands!


Then comes the most interesting bit- bringing the 3D models to life! There is a lot of planning involved in this step of production before we actually start to animate anything. You might be surprised to know that animating a character involves putting a virtual skeleton inside the model with joints exactly in line with the human anatomy so the characters can look real after they are put in motion. Interesting right? The animation itself is a very time taking process that involves working with keyframes, graph editors to name a few.

3D Rendering

The final and the most time taking process is 3D rendering, which basically turns the raw looking 3D files into fully-finished realisticCGI animations with all the textures and lights and in the resolution of our choice. The renders are then taken to a post production software for compositing, colour correction, visual effects, sound etc. Every step in the production pipeline is extremely important and we make sure the pre-production of our projects is absolutely flawless before we move on to the rest of the steps in the pipeline. 

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