How much does an animation cost?

Based on the style and complexity of animation, the price of a video could vary substantially. The costing for any video is done on a per minute basis of the final product. A basic Whiteboard video starts at a costing of 650£/min while a typical 2-D motion Graphic video could cost anything from 1000 £/min to 2500£/min. Prices are higher for a 3-D animation video depending on the level of realism required and it's complexity.

Our videos are offered with polished professional Voiceovers and a wide range of languages and dialects are available for our customers to chose from. The prices mentioned are indicative only and can vary based on actual requirement. In order for us to quote you properly, it is highly recommended that you drop us an email and someone will be in touch with you over phone to give you a better idea of the kind of cost you are looking at based on what you have in mind.

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