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 What Magic Looks Like

Why Explain your business through an Explainer Video?

We cant even begin to explain what it can do to your sales ! We believe that it takes not more than 20 seconds for an audience to make up their mind if they want to do business with you or not. It is for you to decide how you want those first 20 seconds to look like. You can start with the boring stuff like the technicalities, mechanics or the bizarre details about your business and go on and on and on. Or you can juice it up in a kick-ass, slick piece of art (a.k.a. explainer video) that will stay with them forever and ever. Market your business on social media, YouTube, LinkedIn using an audio-visual instead of boring text that no one's got the time to read anyways.  Why haunt your prospective customers with boredom when you can really show them what you do.

What We Do?

Well, to put it simply - We tell Stories!! We will make an animated explainer video or a whiteboard video for your business that will make it sell itself. We try and understand the message you wish to deliver and craft it into simplistic graphics that entertain and explain your ideas. We know that when you want an explainer video you have a few thoughts in your mind which you can't really put together. That is why, we start the whole process of video making with a Gab Session. We can do it over phone, but we really insist that this first one happens in person. Over coffee ? Maybe ?  What's awesome is that the Gab session won't cost you a dime. Hurrah !!