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We specialise video creation and have an excellent team that are skilled  in all styles of animation from your ideas

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Whatever your desire, be assured we can bring your vision to life, just pitch us your idea!



We deliver stunning, photo-realistic CG animation and Visual Effects to make your videos look as impressive as possible



Increase user engagement and reach out to more people for your business with an Explainer video

Sherlock Portugal Explainer Video
Why you need a video
Explainer Video
Body Energy

We start the project with a 50% advance and the rest at the time of the final draft video delivery.

It depends on the kind of video you require. Typically a Whiteboard Video will be completed in 2-3 week’s time whereas a 2d animation video will take 3-4 weeks for execution. 3D animation videos can take 6 week’s or more depending on the complexity of the content.

Yes, if you decide to rebrand after few months, we can definitely help with the new brand identity, colors and logo. We keep a backup of all our clients’ files so anytime you want anything changed, we can do it at a small cost.

Yes, your location doesn’t matter as long as you are available on Email, Skype/Zoom Calls. If you can provide timely feedback to us at each stage, we can deliver your video in time

93% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision-making process.

67% of users are more likely to buy a product online, after watching a video.

  • We help you choose the right mode and message, as per the channel you want to communicate on.

  • We advertise client videos through our marketing channels and they get free advertising as a result.

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Client's Talk

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What You Expect From Us?

You think that you have a great concept

We keep our clients involved in the entire process of production and share the progress after every step to ensure we are in line with the client’s vision.

Well, to put it simply - We tell Stories!! We will make an animated explainer video or a whiteboard video for your business that will make it sell itself. We try and understand the message you wish to deliver and craft it into simplistic graphics that entertain and explain your ideas. We know that when you want an explainer video you have a few thoughts in your mind which you can't really put together. That is why, we start the whole process of video making with a Gab Session. We can do it over phone, but we really insist that this first one happens in person. Over coffee ? Maybe ?  What's awesome is that the Gab session won't cost you a dime. Hurrah !!

The guys at RedShutterfly did an incredible job. They were extremely    creative, quick and responsive. I am aware aware we may have been quite demanding at times. I really cannot recommend them enough, If you need an explainer video made, use RedShutterfly you won’t be disappointed.


Co -Founder,

The quality of their videos is top-notch for the price you are going to pay. Best part is, they are very accessible, which makes the entire process very smooth. I am glad I went for a video to explain what I do and most importantly with RedShutterfly Media.



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